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  • Bonjour From France

    Bonjour From France

    Bonjour from France! Woah, that still doesn't feel real even when I type it. We've been to Germany and France these past couple weeks and I couldn't be more thankful...

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  • New Kitchen Sink- The Urban Flat...

    Our vacation rental in downtown Millersburg received a new sink and faucet that was the perfect addition and upgrade to the kitchen. When we renovated this space several years back,...

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    New Kitchen Sink- The Urban Flat
  • Design Studio Office

    Design Studio Office

    The day has finally come and I'm so excited to share with you guys our office space. When we dove into this shoppe reno at the beginning of the year,...

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  • Lakehouse Flower Beds- During

    Our home is feeling more like a sanctuary these days. After many hours of hard work and sweat, our rock landscaping is about 80% finished. The landscaping was one thing...

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    Lakehouse Flower Beds- During
  • Design Studio Cabinets- Finished

    Design Studio Cabinets- Finished

    The cabinets and counters in the back design studio are finished! Can I get an amen up in here?! We decided to go the route of IKEA cabinets, which you...

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