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  • Lakehouse Flower Beds- During

    Lakehouse Flower Beds- During

    Our home is feeling more like a sanctuary these days. After many hours of hard work and sweat, our rock landscaping is about 80% finished. The landscaping was one thing...

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  • Design Studio Cabinets- Finished

    The cabinets and counters in the back design studio are finished! Can I get an amen up in here?! We decided to go the route of IKEA cabinets, which you...

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    Design Studio Cabinets- Finished
  • The Besserina Homestead

    The Besserina Homestead

    This past week I had the opportunity to visit my sweet friend Bessie of Besserina. I met sweet Bessie years ago and since have participated in her Day In The...

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  • Shoppe Flower Beds

    We planted up our flower beds a tad early this year due to warmer weather and I'm so thankful for this head start. The flowers have been planted for almost...

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    Shoppe Flower Beds
  • Lakehouse Flower Beds- Before

    Lakehouse Flower Beds- Before

    I'm just going to be right up front with y'all- there won't be much pretty here but I hope this inspires you where ever you are in the midst of...

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