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  • Back Room Update- Wallpaper

    Back Room Update- Wallpaper

    Thought I’d pop on in and give you guys a much-anticipated update on the backroom... we have wallpaper! Cute little tree squirrels spread the back wall in the room and...

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  • Valentine's Day Clawfoot Tub

    Happy love day friends! I wanted to share a simple and romantic stylized setting over at the new house for Valentine's Day. It's been a little while since I played...

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    Valentine's Day Clawfoot Tub
  • Mom's Fireplace Mantel Makeover

    Mom's Fireplace Mantel Makeover

    For the past several years, mom has been begging dad to make her a wood mantel to fit over their existing sandstone fireplace top. I thought I would help lighten...

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  • The Shoppe Lighting- Sources

    Listen, it's only been a year since I promised y'all these lighting sources... BUT- here they FINALLY are! Phew. Where has the last year gone? I can hardly believe that last...

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    The Shoppe Lighting- Sources
  • A Christmas Surprise

    A Christmas Surprise

    While visiting Madison, IN back in November, I stopped at this huge antique store in Cincinnati on my way home. Browsing around, I stumbled across this beautiful winter scene art...

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