Marseille French Soaps- Crushed Flower

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 Grapevine: Fragrances of the grape fields, this grapevine block will give you hints of nostalgia. Suitable for all skin types. 300g 

Verbena: With sweet notes of lemon, this verbena is refreshing beside the kitchen sink to rub your hands over. 300g

Jasmine: For centuries, jasmine has been considered in the East as the symbol of beauty. This sweet-scented soap has a subtle perfume aroma of flowers. Suitable for all skin types. 300g

Lavender: Alyssa's favourite of them all! Soap with scents typical of Provence, based on essential oil and lavender flowers (antiseptic and relaxing). Suitable for all skin types. 100g + 300g

Rose: Delicate notes of rose petals make this soap exceptional. Gentle soap for the skin and suitable for all skin types. 100g + 300g

Honey: Savor the soft fragrance of this honey-scented soap. A soft honey soap delicate for your hands. 100g + 300g

Tea Flower: Discover its citrus fragrance created in Grasse, with notes of tea flower. This beautiful soap gently cleanses the skin leaving you feeling refreshed, smooth and soft. 100g

Milk: The soap with donkey milk is the pleasure of soap par excellence. Its singular smell and sweetness will mark you from its first use. Donkey's milk, formerly used by Cleopatra, is very rich in nutrients, which makes it exceptional care with multiple virtues, nourishing, soothing, revitalizing, restorative and protective. 100g

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