Our Home:: Lakehouse Before & In Progress

Taylor and I purchased this small little home in the fall of 2014. We saw it as a great opportunity. Besides cosmetic changes and a little updating, this home was more move-in ready than our neighboring cottage that we still plan on finishing in the next year. As you can see, lots of pastel wall colors, some wonderful vintage pieces and lots of carpet. 
The first move we made was tearing down the wall parting the dinning room (entry way) with the kitchen. With the home being so small already, I felt this wall would open more up. We ripped all the carpet up right away and found some beautiful hardwood floors underneath in the bedroom, back office, and bathroom. In the kitchen and dinning room, they had a tile down which we also decided to rip out. After much discussion, we decided to not refinish the floors but to put a nice wood laminate. 
For Taylor's Christmas present, I decided it would be a nice addition if I finished the basement for him. He always wanted a nice man cave and I thought by doing so, he would have a nice place to tinker around and have some bro time. My dad, the super hero swooped in for the save. We insulated, and boarded up three of the four walls. I got Taylor a nice chocolate brown concrete stain and painted the mint green stairs going down to the basement. I'll snap some photos of the after, after everything is complete and we get the concrete stain down! 
Thanks for stopping by. I'm excited about blogging and sharing the adventure with y'all. Hopefully this experience can be inspiring to you guys. I'll be sharing more ways of how we're updating and keeping you guys up to speed with the progress. You can follow more over on my INSTAGRAM.
Hugs, Alyssa

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