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Cottonwood Shanty

Custom Farm Scroll


Brown Craft

The Custom Farm Scroll is part of our collaboration with Azure Farm. This custom scroll is customizable with your farm name, illustration, established date, and location.

10% of all the Azure Farm Collection is donated to a farm/wildlife foundation.

Adjust the bottom scroll with 4 easy magnets to adjust the height to the way you wish. Unroll the scroll, adjust the magnets and length, and hang on the wall.

**PREORDER- Ships in 8-10 days**


Mini: 1.5’ wide x 2’ long, can always be unrolled for longer length

Regular: 3’ wide x 3’ long, can always be unrolled for longer length


Brown Craft: An organic heavy-weight brown craft paper. The original scroll look and adds beautiful texture to the wall.

White: A seamless, heavy-weight paper that feels luxurious and looks stunning. Unlike the craft paper, this scroll is printed on photography-like paper which prints beautifully and hangs flawlessly.


1 rope, 1 paper scroll, 4 small magnets

Ordering Instructions:

1.) Add the custom scroll to your cart with the desired size, paper color and illustration.
2.) Place your farm name in the "Order Special Instructions" box at checkout.
*Please know there is no mockups sent through email.


**Please note the custom scroll orders can take up to 2-3 weeks to fulfil the design, print and shipping process.**

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