Old Slate Farm Handmade Soap

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Old Slate Farm's botanical soaps are locally handmade using natural, plant-derived ingredients. These soaps are made in small batches with uplifting essential oil blends and locally procured additives, including lavender buds & cornmeal.

SIZING: 5 oz. 


Geranium & Cedarwood- A hefty dose of beautiful rose geranium with some ground cedarwood-elegant, heady, and wonderful.

Peppermint & Charcoal- A combination of charcoal, kaolin clay, and peppermint oil create this refreshing, elegant fragrance. This soap is lovely for both face and body, as charcoal has a unique ability to draw excess oils from the skin.

Gardner's Soap- Ground lavender buds mixed into this bar create gentle dirt busting prowess- perfect for scrubbing the dirt from your fingers and toes. It smells like sipping on a London Fog in the south of France in the summertime. 

Mechanic's Soap- Blended orange and cedarwood essential oils combined with a nice portion of Ohio cornmeal for some gritty scrubbing. 

Green Curry- Combines all of the non-allium or solanine aromatics in a thai green curry paste, lemongrass, basil, and galangal- a relative of ginger, to create a lovely spa-like fragrance.